Thursday, 27 June 2019

Nigerian Man Whose Girlfriend Of 4-years Refused To Marry Him Reportedly Demands She Pay Him Back All He Spent On Her (See list)

 A Nigerian man whose girlfriend of  4-years refused to marry him is reportedly demanding she pay him back all he spent on her during their relationship. 

Twitter user, @elharsh, who shared the story on her page also posted the list which she claimed the man allegedly sent to her friend.

In the well detailed list, the man listed all he bought for her and the money he gave to her during thier relationship. The total sum is N4.247,000,00 and he wants all of it back. 

According to her, the father of the lady has told him to take her daughter to Court.

See the list below.

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  1. it's to much I say give back money life is not easy for everyone