Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Chinese Man Discovers Tooth That Has Grown In His Nose For 20 Years

A 30-Year-Old Chinese Man Named Zhang Binsheng recently visited a hospital for diagnosis after experiencing a clogged up nose for close to 3 months, only to be informed by the doctor that a tooth has been in his nostril for about 20 Years.

When asked how the tooth got into his nose, Zhang explained that his tooth was knocked out when he was 10 years as he was involved in an accident. Explaining further, he revealed that the incident happened in 1999 when he fell off the third floor of a Mall.

Mr. Zhang Binsheng also revealed that he lost 2 teeth during the accident but only found one on the floor, and he wasn’t aware that the other went into his nostril.

According to Mr. Zhang Binsheng, he received 60 stitches on his face to mend the injuries after he fell off the third floor of the mall in 1999 and ever since then, he never felt any discomfort in his nose until 3 months ago after experiencing a clogged nose.

He also revealed the symptoms that followed the clogged nose which included difficulty in breathing, smelling something funky in his nose and inability to sleep at night.

Doctors Revealed that the abnormal growth he had is known as “internasal” and can be caused by physical damage or developmental problems.

The tooth was about one-centimetre and it took doctors half an hour to get it removed.

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