Friday, 3 January 2020

“I Was Nearly Eaten By Cannibals” – Mr Ibu Narrates Horrific Experience

Like a scene from a horror movie, popular actor, John Okafor aka Mr. Ibu has revealed a moment he was almost eaten by cannibals.

He disclosed that the incident occurred on a film location in an unnamed village.

Mr. Ibu said that his colleagues had mistakenly left him behind at night after filming in the village.

“My colleagues left me on set by mistake late in the night after shooting,” he told Daily Sun.

“However, the location manager had earlier admonished us to move in groups because, in the community, they eat human beings. However, it was quite late when we finished.

“We had two location buses and I was already sitting on the bus in front but because I was manager, I said let me organise the people on the bus behind before we moved.

“As I alighted, the bus in front zoomed off and before I made it to the second bus it also moved. I kept shouting as I chased both buses but nobody heard me and I was left alone.”

Mr. Ibu said that his fear multiplied when he heard two male strangers speaking in a language he could understand, especially after remembering what the location manager told him.

According to him, the two men were discussing how tasty his flesh would be.

The popular thespian explained that he approached the men and greeted them in the language they were speaking and they were surprised.

At this point, he said, one of the men told him to be prepared to run for his life as he was in danger.

However, he revealed that a crowd kept gathering around him and he felt like a trapped animal about to be led to the slaughter.

Mr. Ibu said that it was at this time that his friends began to call out his name from afar.

“They had returned just on time to rescue me with a team of policemen and vigilante. I was greatly relieved. The ordeal lasted for about two hours,” he disclosed.

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