Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Kick Any Relative Who Doesn’t Respect Your Mom Out Of Your Life - Tonto Dike Advises

Tonto Dikeh has some advice for anyone who has relatives who show gross disrespect to their mothers – dump them.

According to Tonto, if a person cannot show your mother respect then you should know that whatever relationship you have with them is fake.
Tonto took to social media to warn: “Avoid relatives that hate your mom, and disrespect her. The truth is that if they can’t respect your own mother who you hold in high regard, their regard for you is superficial and fake.

“Anyone who vehemently dislikes you shouldn’t be anywhere close to your children. This life is deep and the heart of men is malignant,” she wrote.

Tonto had more to say on the topic.

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