Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Ruggedman Helps Woman Who Was Assaulted by Police After Her 5yr Old Daughter Was Defiled

Michael Ugochukwu Stephens known professionally as Ruggedman has helped a woman who was badly treated by policemen in Abia state.
A video which showed a woman crying profusely trended after she was allegedly assaulted and chased out of the police station while trying to report a rape incident against her daughter.

It was gathered that a 30 year old man r@ped the woman’s five-year old daughter, the rapist allegedly bribed the Police and the case was dismissed and he was left to go free.

Giving an update on the case, Ruggedman revealed he and some people pulled a few strings and the lady has been located.

He wrote:

Remember the 5-year-old girl raped in Aba?
That officers in Cameron Barracks police station sent out after being bribed?

We got involved and through @9ineteenchichi we got the attention of the 1st lady of Abia State Mrs. Nkechi Ikpeazu. She has located the woman and her child.
I also alerted @harrison_gwamnishu who is there now with them At VicarHope Foundation Conference Room owned by the Abia States 1st lady.
They are heading to the office of the Commissioner of Police now. Thank you @spesh_floxy for making and sending out that video.”

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